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Our Raiding Schedule
Jul 5, 09 1:32 PM
Please Vote
Jul 2, 09 8:29 AM
We are raiding....
Jul 2, 09 12:38 AM
We are a fun loving, family style Guild. We are comprised of mainly 70-80 level mature players, who have many alts at most levels. Do you want to run Heroics, PvP or just have fun. Our main rule is HAVE FUN WITH IT. 
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Our Raiding Schedule

Nessabug, Jul 5, 09 1:32 PM.
Ok Our Schedule for raiding...

OS, and Uldar During the week, when we can.

VoA Anytime we can

Naxx Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday if we need to finish up

PvP is when ever we have a BAD day and need to!

IF you need another run for any reason...achievement, XP, or just for fun...just ask we can probably do that too..

Please Vote

Nessabug, Jul 2, 09 8:29 AM.

We want to know what you think!!

Ok so Cromm steped in and has asked a Question of you all...Please go in to Voteing and answer his question so we can try to get the most needed/wanted raids done.

We are raiding....

Nessabug, Jul 2, 09 12:38 AM.

We have enough for raiding...

Ok So we finely have enough 80's on regularly to raid almost nightly. We have downed the first boss in Uldar. We hope to continue on in there. At the moment we are doing 10man raids. Keep recruiting and we will get to 25man soon!!!! ;}

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